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It is critical to deploy the best-in-class technology for our customers and that is why we partner with Genesys, a leader in contact centre solutions for both cloud and on-premises solutions, trusted by more than 11,000 companies in over 100 countries.

All-in-one cloud, hybrid or on-premises contact centre software with omnichannel and latest CX innovation.

Boost contact centre efficiency, optimise customer experience.

Feature-rich platform with maximum reliability, flexibility and control.


Power deeply connected,
meaningful experiences

Imagine a new world where contact centres run so smoothly that customers feel satisfied after every interaction — a world where employees are excited to go to work each day.

The Genesys Cloud CXTM solution makes that world possible. Thousands of businesses around the globe use this easy, all-in-one contact centre solution to deliver seamless customer experiences.

What Genesys Cloud CX can do for you

Satisfied customers
Create fluid customer conversations across digital and voice channels. Predict and understand customer issues before they escalate — or before they even happen. Genesys Cloud CX can do for you

Happier employees
Make it easy for agents to resolve issues fast with an intuitive interface. Empower employees to find solutions together with collaboration tools that let them talk, video, chat and search.

Better business outcomes
Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and other CRM tools to add context to customer journeys. Reduce costs, boost sales and automate routine tasks with Genesys AI.

GENESYS Multicloud CX

Power personalised customer experiences at scale

Enterprise contact centres have complex needs — from the latest communication channels to flexible deployment options. Genesys Multicloud CX™ contact centre software is the solution of choice for leading global brands that need sophistication at scale.

The full-featured Genesys Multicloud CX omnichannel engagement solution supports your larger digital transformation initiatives. And it gives you a competitive edge in today’s market.

Execute your ideal customer journeys

Unified experiences
Unify all voice and digital channels, self-service, work items, and inbound and outbound interactions. Get the foundation you need to create more holistic, personalised experiences for your customers and employees.

Powerful routing
Match the right resource to the right customer for better results. Best-in-class enterprise routing makes the most of automated and assisted engagements. Monitor it all in real time with unparalleled analytics.

Flexibility and control
Choose the deployment model that’s best for you: on-premises, public or private cloud. Customise your environment with pre-built integrations or flex your developer muscles and build using our APIs and SDKs

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