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04 Dec 2009 - SunPage’s VOIZ Unlimited – the smarter way to make overseas calls

SunPage’s VOIZ Unlimited – the smarter way to make overseas calls

  • All day unlimited talk-time to over 30 designated destinations for a monthly subscription fee
  • Special low rates for calls made to other destinations
  • No hardware installation, broadband or additional devices needed
  • Calls can be made from a registered fixed or mobile number

SINGAPORE, Friday, 4 December 2009 – Nexwave Telecoms Pte. Ltd. (“Nexwave Telecoms”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed TeleChoice International Limited, has launched its latest cost-savings service, Voiz Unlimited, under its well-known SunPage brand.

Nexwave Telecoms, a leader in integrated telecommunications products and services, has been offering affordable voice and data services under the SunPage brand since 2000. Its latest consumer service offering can reduce overseas call charges by more than 50% in comparison with other providers. For a low fixed monthly subscription fee of $9.90, subscribers are able to make calls to over 30 selected countries within a basic group anytime with no limit on usage. Subscribers can choose additional top-up groups comprising other specific destinations. The service plan does not require an internet connection. Furthermore, customers will also enjoy special rates (which are lower than standard SunPage 1521 rates) for calls made to other destinations outside the subscribed groups.

Steven Ng, Managing Director, Nexwave Telecoms said, “With people moving freely across geographical boundaries for one purpose or another, cross-country communication needs are a way of life and are ever on the increase. Overseas calls to loved ones and friends can add up to a huge amount each month. As a brand that prides itself on offering affordable services without compromising on quality, SunPage is now bringing customers significant savings on overseas calls. With no restrictions on the time of use and the length of calls, the convenience of speaking across time zones has never been greater. The best part of all is that the service can be used on any mobile or residential line by calling our SunPage prefix 1521 followed by the destination and number that you wish to reach.”

SunPage’s Voiz Unlimited does not require any hardware installation or broadband, unlike VoIP calls which require both the calling party and called party to install additional software and to have an internet connection. Furthermore, subscribers to VOIZ Unlimited are not restricted to just one destination number and would be able to call any local number within the countries covered by the calling plan subscribed to.

Callers only have to register at for the service to be activated. They can then choose to register either a fixed or mobile line as the designated number from which the overseas calls are to be made. SunPage is offering a special promotion for registration before March 2010. Early-birds will enjoy a special monthly subscription of $29.90 for both basic and one top-up group as compared to the usual $39.90, for the entire contract period.